V-484 - Radio off-air receivers

All V-400A series clocks can be programmed to synchronise to radio time code signals from DCF or MSF when connected to the appropriate TimeLord series receiver. The clock may be programmed to display BST (MSF synchronised), CET (DCF synchronised) or UTC (GMT) from either MSF or DCF.

The DCF signal is transmitted at 77.5khz and is derived from an atomic clock at the Physics Institute of Brunswick. Under normal circumstances this signal provides reliable operation at distances of up to 1500km. The MSF signal is transmitted at 60khz and is referenced to the Caesium Beam Oscillators at the National Physical Laboratory. MSF signals are normally useable up to 1000km. With both MSF and DCF signals, the possible operating range is greater at night.

The decoded signal has an accuracy of better than ±20ms and provides completely automatic seasonal time changes. During periods of signal failure or corruption the clock will maintain accurate timekeeping using its internal high stability quartz crystal oscillator.

The signal output from a TimeLord series receiver may be used to synchronise a master clock system or directly control a V-400A series clock. Up to ten further V-400A series clocks may be controlled by the clock to which the TimeLord series receiver is connected, using a simple single cable pair interconnection.


V-484.02 (MSF) & V-484.03 (DCF)

The receiver is contained in an IP65 weather resistant case, with dimensions 160x80x55mm, for indoor or protected outdoor use. This is a high performance receiver with dual ferrite antennae for 360 degree signal reception and twin crystal filters for high noise rejection. The receiver is supplied with 4m of cable, but may be mounted anything up to 200m from the clock if a suitable extension cable is used.

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