V-488C.00 - GPS/GLONASS Receiver System for synchronisation to Satellite Time Reference

V-488C.00 GPS receiver

GPS is a system of 24 satellites in six orbits. The satellites transmit highly accurate, real time worldwide navigation information at a frequency of 1575.42MHz that anyone with a suitable GPS receiver can use to identify their position together with precise time information. The GPS system was developed by the US government initially for military use and is now available for unlimited commercial access.

The V-488C.00 GPS receiver system is designed to allow TimeLord series master clocks and V-400A series displays to be automatically synchronised from the GPS satellite time transmissions. By integrating the receiver/interface with the antenna, there is no need to run expensive and unwieldy coax or triax cable to the TimeLord Master Clock as conventional GPS synchronization systems often require.

The V-488C.00-GL GLONASS receiver system has been designed to allow TimeLord-Net network time server to be automatically synchronised from the GLONASS satellite time transmissions. This provides a highly accurate source of time regardless of global location. The receiver can operate in either GLONASS only synchronisation mode or GLONASS with GPS assistance synchronisation mode.

The integrated GPS receiver/decoder module contains an active antenna, an advanced 12-channel parallel receiver and a microprocessor-based communications interface. This module is housed in an IP65 weatherproof enclosure and is powered by the TimeLord Master Clock or V-400A series display over standard twisted pair cable. 25m 2-pair cable is provided as standard but the interface may be located many hundreds of metres distant from the clock.

To ensure ease of operation and to remove the possibility of operator error the V-488C.00 GPS system is designed to self initialise without the necessity of operator data input.

When the accurate satellite time information is available, synchronising time signals are transmitted every minute from the receiver/decoder module to the master clock using 482 time code. This code provides UTC time and date information and may be used to synchronise any TimeLord series master clock or V-400A series clock display. The TimeLord series master clock will automatically convert the UTC time to local time using operator pre-programmed time offset conditions. When the TimeLord master clock is synchronised with the GPS receiver/decoder module, all transmitted signals are accurate to within ±100µs. Higher accuracies are available on request.

Note that the antenna should be horizontally mounted with a clear view of 75% of the sky (a mounting clamp is supplied to enable the antenna to be fixed to a suitable post of up to 20mm diameter, or it may be located on a roof or under a rooflight). If the sky view is reduced, the interval between 'switch-on' and system time synchronisation will be considerably increased.

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