V-406 - Temperature Sensor


The V-406 Temperature sensor can be used with any V-401A, V-420A, V-450A & V-490A series clock to provide either an alternating or continuous display of temperature information.

The V-406 module is housed in a two part, clip together, ventilated case measuring 70x70x25mm (WxHxD). The module may be mounted on a suitable vertical surface, either by the use of two strips of double sided tape or by mechanical fixing via two screws through the marked positions in the detachable base plate of the unit. The module must be mounted in a position where it is not subject to direct rain or other water spray.

Two temperature display modes are available. The temperature may be displayed continuously or alternately exchanged with the hours and minutes time display. When the alternate time/temperature display mode is selected the period between display changes may be adjusted from between 1 and 15 seconds.

The V-406 module is normally supplied with a three core, 5m connecting cable which may be user extended up to a maximum of 100m.

Displayed Temperature Range: -17°C to +50°C

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