ECO Analogue Clock Displays - Plastic housed office clocks

ECO Analogue Clocks

Our V-ECO range of analogue slave clocks provides a clear display of hours and minutes for indoor environments and is fully compatible with the TimeLord Master Clock family. For slave use, the movement needs to be driven by alternating polarity minute pulses at 24-60V. As an alternative, a matching free-running quartz version is available, powered by an IEC-LR6/size-AA battery and designed to run for around 14 months before the battery needs to be changed.

ECO Analogue Clock Accessory Kit

The V-ECO clock is housed in a white ABS plastic case (RAL 9002) with polycarbonate lens and is available in two sizes (30 or 40cm diameter) with two different face styles - simple dashes for minute/5-minute markers or dashes for minute plus digits for 5-minute markers. In addition to the normal wall mounting, an accessory kit is available which allows a pair of clocks to be attached back-to-back to provide a double-sided display with either a cantilever arm wall mounting or a suspension ceiling mounting.

ECO Analogue Clock Part Number Guide

Basic Part Movement Mounting Dial Diameter Face Style
(see below)
VX-ECO. A.=Minutes impulse movement

DQ.=Battery-powered quartz movement (uses IEC-LR6/size-AA battery)
Flush wall mounted (standard)

SET.=Cantilever wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended

ZB-200=Dashes for minute/5-minute markers

ZB-210=Dashes for minute plus digits for 5-minute markers
ECO Analogue Clock Face Styles

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Please note, weights / sizes above are approximate.